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How to Tap into Your Subconscious Mind Using Brainwave Entrainment

Note: We have received a fairly large number of emails asking about tapping into the subconscious using brainwave synchronization since we last posted about the technique – check it out here. So we have invited our chief NeuroActivator engineer to explain how brainwave entrainment can be used to tap into the vast power of our subconscious mind.

Meditating is a good way to tap into the subconscious mind efficiently. Using a brainwave entrainment program such as the NeuroActivator will make this even easier.

Contrary to popular belief, a person’s subconscious is actually what determines their reality, not their conscious mind. Although it might seem like the conscious mind is in charge, this isn’t actually the case. The one that is in charge and in complete control is the hidden part that can’t be accessed unless you are under a special frequency: your subconscious.

If you think about it, this secret place is where all of the memories of when you were young are hidden and it is what has molded you into the person that you have become. Because of this, you should really start to learn how to “exploit” your subconscious mind using brainwave entrainment as soon as possible.

Your Connection To Reality

In general, your reality bases itself on what is deemed real by your subconscious. It is basically formed out of an unconscious system of beliefs and then played up on a daily basis.

Here’s an example: while growing up, you might have been told that you didn’t have a lot of money, so your parents couldn’t buy you everything that you wanted. Your subconscious would have remembered that and then programmed you in a certain direction afterwards.

Listening to meditation music will help make the process of “getting into state” more efficient.

Once you became a legal adult, you probably didn’t manifest anything expensive because you believed that “you don’t have a lot of money” and “can’t buy everything that you want“.

Sidenote: An easy way to reverse this effect is to use a specialized module inside the NeuroActivator that combines hypnosis and subliminal messaging with brainwave entrainment that de-programs the subconscious on multiple levels. Download a program sampler by clicking here.

Make the Necessary Changes – What You Need To Do

In order to make changes and keep those changes intact, you will have to change your system of beliefs in a level where it can be properly taken in, recorded and stored, such as your subconscious.

Before you can actually learn ways to access your subconscious mind, though, you will have to identify your system of belief first and then bring it to light.

Basically, you need to know what is making you mess up, so that you can make the necessary changes.

In your younger years, the way you interpret events gets saved in the alpha state, where most people spend their time before becoming teenagers. This is where all of the changes tend to take place, in general.

“Hacking” Your Subconscious – A Different Level

The subconscious tends to speak in terms of images and feelings, and this is the place where memories are kept, as well. To see what is already kept in there, you will obviously have to learn how to actually go inside your subconscious first.

However, science shows that the only way into a person’s subconscious is through the frequency of alpha waves. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to get into the alpha state naturally. In fact, it could take years of intense studying to get close to doing so. Because of this, you will have to do the same things repeatedly in order to make the changes come about.

This is where today’s technology comes into the picture.

By using specific brainwave entrainment technologies (such as isochronic tones), you can now synchronize your brain waves with an external stimulus to get the effect that you want and go into the alpha state with speed and ease and without thinking too much. A system such as the NeuroActivator shortcuts this system using carefully engineered to makes this process a little simpler – even for the layman.

While learning how to manipulate your subconscious, you will simply pass by the conscious part of your mind and move directly into your subconscious, where you can change your negative system of belief with ease.

Once you are able to figure out how to figure this out, some painful feelings and forgotten memories will start to rise to the surface. This is normal. Now you will be able to see and hear them all very clearly until you let them go.

After you successfully learn how to access your subconscious in an efficient manner (probably through the use of brainwave entrainment programs), you can then start creating a brand new system of beliefs and make it work for you through practice and good intentions.

How To Get Rid of Mental Blockages

After you learn how to tap into your subconscious mind using brainwave entrainment, you will figure out why you used to react in certain ways during certain circumstances. After that, you will simply have to get rid of blockages that tend to get in the way of what you really want. For beliefs that are very deeply implanted, you may have to work on slowly getting rid of one blockage at a time until you get to the bottom. After that, however, you will be able to enjoy real change.

The reason why your subconscious tends to react so seriously all the time is because it cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. So, once you know how to tap into your subconscious mind using brainwave entrainment, you should feed your subconscious deliberate thoughts and images in the alpha state and generate brand new pathways in your brain that will turn into your new system of beliefs.

Once your brainwaves resonate in the alpha state, your mind will calm down and you can start influencing your subconscious mind with what you want to fill it with.

Remember: the negative parts of your conscious mind cannot be heard here, so there will be no criticisms, either, regardless of what you say you hope to get out of life. All that will happen is that your subconscious will believe everything that you have to say.

Since brainwave entrainment is so efficient, the changes in your life are sure to manifest very quickly and your new system of beliefs will thus become much stronger in return. Also, in no time at all, what was once impossible will be possible for you.

Of course, this could bring about other problems in the end, too. Once your blockages are out of the picture, you will have to take things seriously and decide on what you actually want out of life. Increase confidence? No problem. Improve your relationships? You bet. Start writing your wish list!

What Do You Want Out of Life?

This can be a difficult question to answer. But if you discover how to tap into your subconscious mind using brainwave entrainment, you can get all of the help that you could possibly need.

And this can be made easier using carefully constructed brainwave entrainment programs such as the NeuroActivator. Designed and built using the most cutting edge elements of meditation music around, you will be able to maximize the utilization of your subconscious easily.

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